Brief History

MindStream is a Saudi Arabian group of companies providing advanced technology and international trade services to regional and international customers.


MindStream Group was founded in 2003 by Eng. Ahmed Al-Kouther, primarily operating in the Information Technology sector.

Over the years, the Group has grown rapidly, gradually expanding and diversifying its activities.

The Group consists of several divisions, Information Technology, Management and Financial Consulting, International Trade and Construction & Building Materials.

Today, MindStream Group, through family members holdings and global partnerships has diversified it’s business portfolios

and expanded it’s business activities in Saudi Arabia, UAE , United States , East Asia, and Egypt.


MindStream Group is recognized private holding company in Saudi Arabia. It has become acknowledged as an important market player in its various activities, across multiple

geographies, and continues to undertake further business development initiatives. These initiatives both broaden and deepen our activities, and have enabled the Group to expand into new lucrative sectors of regional economies.

MindStream Group is also operating in the Pharmaceutical Technology sector. We take pride in our expertise as a CRO in Clinical Trials, Phases I, II, III and IV as well as finding the best marketing solutions and strategies for different pharmaceutical clients.