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The core MindStream Group function is primarily strategic alignment and facilitation of activities to pursue individual company objectives.

This involves the coordination of partners' interests and unlocking business potential through the application of international best practice and the implementation of common policies and procedures. Our new virtual office platform gives us great tools to perform, achieve, and be efficient.  

Full Independence 

Each company operates independently, develops, implements its own strategies, sets and manages its own budgets, and is fully accountable for its performance. This focuses the directors and management to ensure that the company they represent remains viable, profitable, and specialized.

Continuously looking for opportunities

Where opportunities are available, either within existing companies or through the

creation of new ventures, the Group management function facilitates the development

of these opportunities where required. This takes the form of arranging visits, developing appropriate partnerships and legal structures, denouncing the terms of the relationship, building business plans, securing and structuring investment capital (if required), supporting the ongoing relationship with partners or authorities, and providing advice and assistance where appropriate.

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